With the craziness of the world right now, it is more important than ever for people to set aside time for their health and wellness.

For new runners or even those maintaining their running schedule, this can be difficult. I prescribe many of my runs by time versus distance, with the idea being that it is easier to plan for and budget into your 24 hours.

In this new series, both an exercise in my creativity as a coach, exercise at consistent writing, and interest of those who might want to mix things's "30 Ways to Run 30 Minutes" presented over the next 30 days!

Here is Week 1 - Days 1-7


RUN - 30 minutes with strides: 4x30s, 2mins recovery

Benefit: Strides train running economy and neuromuscular aspects of running (both very intertwined).

GOOD FOR - New runners, those looking for an intro to speedwork

TIME = 30mins


This is a textbook example of the "Jeff Galloway" method of walk/running popularized by many beginner training programs.

No matter which way you cut it, the gist is that you are walking for a portion of time and running for a portion, with the idea of slowly increasing running duration while simultaneously decreasing walking.

RUN - (2mins walking, 3mins easy running) - repeat 5x

BENEFIT: Slowly ease into the physiological and biomechanical aspects of running

GOOD FOR - New runners, runners returning to training from injury

TIME = 30mins


Once runners work their way up to running for 30mins, this becomes a staple in many a workouts for athletes I coach who have extremely busy lives. At 30 minutes, basic benefits of aerobic fitness are gained and/or maintained for new and seasoned runners.

For the busy runner who can only get a little bit of running in, this makes up a majority of their training.

RUN - 30 minutes easy

BENEFIT - When run truly easy, training aerobic base and other aspects of the aerobic maintenance process

GOOD FOR - New runners, runners looking to maintain base aerobic fitness

TIME = 30mins


This 30mins is a step up from previous days and is meant for those who have a nice foundation of running under them to really get the most benefit. A 5k effort is different than a 5k pace sometimes, so that is an important distinction to note here. 5k effort should feel like a solid 7-8 out of 10 effort.

This run is a nice way to incorporate a long duration of anaerobic endurance into a 30min timeframe, while also accounting for a warm-up and cool-down portion of the run!

RUN - 10mins easy, 10mins at 5k effort, 10mins easy

BENEFIT - Challenging speedwork in a 30 minute window!

GOOD FOR - Intermediate runners who have a good sense of speedwork and are looking to get a stimulus from 30mins of activity

TIME = 30mins


A different mode of strides but one that works really well to mix things up from the more "traditional" usage of the 4x30s/2mins recovery that I often use with new athletes. This pattern provides less recovery with shorter bursts of intensity, providing a slightly different stimulus.

More often than not, this is a nice way to mix things up for runners who might be getting a bit bored!

RUN - 30 minutes with strides: 6x20s, 1mins recovery

Benefit: Strides train running economy and neuromuscular aspects of running (both very intertwined).

GOOD FOR - New runners, those looking for an intro to speedwork or to mix up stride patterns

TIME = 30mins


Time trials are typically going to involve a specific time goal in mind, with the idea being that you could run "x" number of miles within 30mins! Without many races going on, this can be a nice way to aim for a "race effort" without the physical finish line ahead of you!

You will most likely need a recovery day (or at least a lighter workout the following day) depending on how hard you hit this!

Day 6:

RUN - 30 minutes time trial

BENEFIT - Big aerobic, anaerobic endurance gains

GOOD FOR - Intermediate to Advanced Runners looking to test themselves

TIME = 30mins


This is a great workout to mix up speedwork and keep you on your toes! This interval workout is structured like a pyramid, bookended by 10min recovery components. Keep in mind the effort levels here are going to be difficult to gauge for beginner runners, making this workout most beneficial for runners with these sensibilities developed.

Day 7:

RUN - 10mins easy, 2:30mins at 10k effort, mins at 5k effort, 2:30mins at 10k effort, 10mins easy

BENEFIT - Training higher-end aerobic, lactate threshold

GOOD FOR - Intermediate/advanced runners looking for a short but challenging speed workout

TIME = 30mins

See you for part 2 next week!

- Coach Brian

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